Have you been recommended dental crowns by your dentists? So that your dental health can be improved? Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have deteriorated due to tooth decay or other damage.

If you are interested in the types of dental crowns available, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you an insight into the different types of dental crowns, their benefits, how much they cost, and how you can care for your dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are glued onto your naturally present teeth or dental implants by your dentist or a prosthodontist. Dental crowns either cover the cap or the entire damaged tooth or dental implant.

Dental crowns are recommended when your natural tooth structure is compromised and has deteriorated beyond repair. They are a type of tooth restoration to help improve your deteriorated dental health.

This then brings us to the next question, what are the different types of dental crowns and cost.

Types of dental crowns

There are four types of dental crowns. They can be used in various situations depending upon your dental health and the recommendation of your dentist. These are as follows:

All Ceramic Dental Crowns

All ceramic dental crowns are made of porcelain. This is the most expensive option. These dental crowns have a similar appearance to your natural teeth. However, they are delicate and brittle so they can break due to pressure from heavy biting. So they are the best for frontal teeth.

Porcelain-Infused-With-Metal Dental Crowns

The Porcelain-Infused-With-Metaldental crowns have a metal structure with a porcelain covering on top. These dental crowns are available in the color of your natural teeth. These dental crowns are durable and strong, owing to their metal structure. So they will not break easily.

Gold Alloys Dental Crowns

Gold alloys dental crowns consist of gold and copper metals. They are highly durable and resistant to fractures. So they can be used to restore teeth that take a lot of pressure from biting. The dentists usually recommend them for the restoration of molars. Their negative is that they do not have an appearance similar to your natural teeth, so they don’t look good when used for frontal teeth.

Base Metal Alloys Dental Crowns

Base metal alloys dental crowns are made up of non-noble metals. These dental crowns have a silver appearance. So they are usually used for the teeth located at the back of the mouth and not the front teeth. Moreover, like gold alloys, dental crowns, these base metal alloys dental crowns are strong and highly resistant to fractures and thus are used for teeth that take a lot of pressure from biting.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns provide the following benefits:

  • They strengthen the damaged tooth
  • They enhance the appearance of the tooth
  • They improve the shape and alignment of the tooth
  • They also help to prevent the shifting of teeth caused by the presence of spaces left by missing teeth

What is the cost of dental crowns

So you must be wondering, “how much does a dental crown cost?”

The typical cost of dental crowns depends on a lot of factors. These include the geographical location, the position of the affected tooth, the size of the tooth, the skill of the dentist, and the material from which the dental crown is made.

The average price range of porcelain-fused-with-metal dental crowns is $875 to $1400 per tooth. The price range for metal dental crowns made of gold or other alloys, ranging from $830 to $2465 per tooth. And a porcelain dental crown’s cost can range from $800 up to $3000 per tooth.

So contact your Emergency dentist to find out the exact cost of dental crowns you are looking for.

If you are on a budget and don’t know how to pay for them, then there are various options to get affordable services. There are many affordable dentists available near you. You can ask your dentists for saving plans, as some dentists offer reduced rates for patients on a budget. You can get reduced rates at a public dental school.The students at the dental school provide dental services to you in a supervised setting at low prices. And it is a good option to get affordable services.

How to care for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns do not decay, and neither get cavities. But this should not stop you from taking good care of them, as they can become loose or fall out due to improper care. So it is important to practice good oral hygiene to increase the life of your dental crowns.

You can care for your dental crown and keep your teeth and gums healthy by:

  • Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice every day
  • Regular flossing on a daily basis
  • Visiting your dentist for regular checkups and dental cleanings
  • Avoid chewing on hard foods as well as objects.

You can discuss with your dentist the type of dental crown best suitable for your condition. All types of dental crowns are a good way to restore your teeth.


What is the typical cost for a dental crown?

The cost of dental crowns varies from place to place, and the type of material they are made of. Porcelain crowns are typically a more expensive option. Generally, the cost of dental crowns ranges from $800 to $1700. You can find a lower cost as well as a higher cost depending on where you go. So always know that you are purchasing a service, in which the quality of material, the guarantee, the skill of your dentist as well as the experience are factors that matter.

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Are you suffering from compromised dental health due to decayed or damaged teeth? Has your dentist recommended dental crowns to you? Then you should know all about them before you decide to get them. Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic pieces designed to cover the cap or the entire tooth that is damaged. They will be cemented on to your natural existing teeth or dental implants. There are various benefits that dental crowns will give you. They not only provide strength to your damaged teeth, but they also enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Moreover, dental crowns also improve the alignment and shape of your teeth. Now a day’s porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are used that look very natural. Other materials used include gold, metal allows ceramic, acrylic. A dental crown is used to protect a tooth from fracturing, attach a bridge, and cover a dental implant, discolored tooth or a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment.

In order to fit the dental crown on the tooth, the tooth must be reduced in size. Once that is done, the dentist takes an impression that acts as a mold for the dental crown. If porcelain is used by the dentist, he or she will match the color of the porcelain to your existing teeth so that it looks natural. Dental Crowns can last for a very long time and are an ideal solution for missing teeth. At Woodshore family dentistry, we provide the best dental crown facilities and services. Give your smile makeover, book your appointment now.

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