Take the Fear out of the Dentist: General Dentistry for Kids

It is tough being a kid sometimes. There are so many new experiences that happen daily. Visits too the doctor are not always enjoyable. There are often needles at the doctor, after all. You may not be able to avoid dental treatments for kids; however, you can find a dentist that works well with children. The first goal of a children’s dentist is to make them comfortable. A child that is afraid is likely to move around a lot and cry. This makes procedures much harder. You can expect your child’s dentist to have equipment and skills to easily handle upset kids. 

The Importance of General Dentistry for Kids

Dental visits are necessary throughout our lives. When you utilize general dentistry for kids, you are preparing kid to care for their health in the future. A reputable dentist in Clute, TX can help prepare your child for cleanings, fillings, and x-rays. When kids learn to tolerate the dentist, they are more likely to continue routine dental visits later on in life. Woodshore Family Dental can help your child establish good habits. 

Finding a General Dentistry for Kids

Many dental offices say they can work with all ages. It is important, however, that you inquire about the dentist’s experience with dentistry for kids. It takes a lot of patience to deal with children that exhibit fear and irrational behavior. It is common for kids to have meltdowns when they are in a new place and must submit to an exam. Check online to find out experience levels and look for positive reviews from other parents. Sometimes your pediatrician can also recommend a good children’s dental office. 

What to Expect from a Kid’s Dentist

Start looking for signs that children are welcome the minute you walk in the door of a children’s dentist. Most have child size seating in the waiting room, fun colors, and toys. This is the first impression you child gets. It should look like a fun place. You can expect to your child’s dentist and all staff to speak directly to your child in a calming tone and to have patience. Children’s dental offices may run a little slower than an adult office. Kid’s appointments should be long enough to allow for explanations of everything. Most kid’s dentists and their assistants explain everything they are doing and show them the tools before touching the child. 

Features to Look for at a Children’s Dental Office

The atmosphere should be light and happy. Everyone that works in child dentistry should be prepared to deal with all ages of kids. Even the receptionist should put on a smile and greet your child. Dental assistants are often good at distracting the child with fun conversation or toys. Look around for toy buckets. Toys can keep a child’s hands busy, so they do not mess with their mouth or dangerous equipment. The exam chairs may be child size or at least adjustable. This helps kids feel comfortable during the exam.

How Child Dentistry is Different

Children may not tolerate things like cleanings and filings. Child dentistry involves a lot more than simply cleaning the teeth or doing an exam. Specialists must be able to distract kids and convince them to have an exam. This often involves a lot of conversation. You can help your dentist out by bringing a favorite blanket, toy, or book. Kids may also get to wear ear plugs or ear buds for music. 

A kid’s movie is often playing in the exam room, as well. Pediatric dentists do more than general dentistry for kids, they help kids become comfortable with routine care. A dentist for children also uses sedation for some procedures. Nitrous oxide, for example, is usually available for use during fillings or other extensive treatments. 

A Kid’s Dental Center Helps Kids Overcome Fears

Fear of dental care is extremely common in children. You can persuade children to go to the general dentist by providing a positive experience. Find a dentist that enjoys working with children and has several years of experience. The dentist may let kids hold some of the tools to get a better look or explain the procedure in a kid-friendly way. Some kids prefer a man or a woman. They may be afraid of one or the other. 

General Dentistry: Establish Routine Care

You can establish good dental care by taking your child to the dentist at a young age. Young patients do not need must intervention. A children’s dentist uses these years to establish a good relationship with the child. They can also watch a parent or sibling at the dentist. Follow up with good oral hygiene at home.

Explaining General Dental Care to Kids

There are plenty of resources to help your kids learn about the dentist. Watch a video or read a book about dental visits before you go to the dentist. You can also take your child to the office before the appointment to see the office. When something is familiar, it is a lot less frightening. 


Where can I get the best teeth whitening services?

A dentist that specializes in cosmetic procedures can help you get your teeth the whitest they can be. Talk to your dentist about the treatments. Many general dentists have experience with whitening. Your dentist can also refer you to cosmetic specialist, if necessary. 

What is the best dental clinic in the United States?

You should check the credentials of each dentist that you use. Most clinics have more than one dentist on staff. You can find the best dentist by looking at their business website and reading customer reviews. You can also schedule a consultation to get to know the dentist and their work ethic. 

How do I prepare my child to visit the dentist for the first time?

Read books about the dentist to your child and visit the office to make the appointment. This way they can see what it is like. You can also watch an exam video or take them with you to a routine exam.

Why are kid’s afraid of the dentist?

Kids may be afraid of the unknown. Other kids may also scare them by talking about their visit to the dentist. They may hear someone talking or see something misleading on television, as well. The equipment is loud and can look frightening, as well.

How often should I visit the dentist? 

Routine visits should happen twice a year. If you experience pain in between, call your dentist for an extra visit. 


It can help to start early when you want kids to be comfortable at the dentist. Take your toddlers to the dentist when you take your older children or take them with you. A children’s dentist should be a very different experience than an adult one. There should be toys and movies to distract kids. Kid’s dentists should also take time to explain everything in kid-friendly terms. It takes a lot of patience to help a child overcome a fear of the dentist. Make an appointment at Woodshore Family Dental to get started today.


Children may fear the dentist for many reasons. It is a new experience and the equipment is loud. Kids also listen to everything parents and friend say. They may overhear adults talking about a painful procedure or a friend may tell them the dentist is scary. It is best to begin dental visits to a kid’s dental center when kids are very young, even before they need major treatments. Early cleanings are not as serious and meant to familiarize the child with the children’s dental office. They can get to know the staff, see the tools, and learn about taking care of their teeth at home. Most dentist that work with kids offer a treat at the end of the visit, as well. This helps make the visit positive for kids. When you talk to your kids about the dentist, focus on the fun activities in the lobby and the new toothbrush they receive. Practice visits are the best way to help kids stay calm. Take them with you to your dentist and let them go with siblings, as well. General dentistry for kids can be very helpful for fearful kids.

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