Considering Take Home Teeth Whitening from your Dentist

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to restore stained teeth. Most natural teeth are not extremely white, either. Your genetics determine the color of your teeth, as well as your personal habits. Certain foods can stain your teeth over time. Bad habits, such as smoking, also cause extreme discoloration. A take home teeth whitening kit from your dentist gives you professional results with minimal time spent at the dentist. 

Take Home Teeth Whitening: A Convenient Option

Professional teeth whitening can help you gain a more luminous smile. It can take several visits, however, to achieve the shade you want. Over the counter treatments have a lower concentration of the whitening agent. Most dentists offer a whitening treatment you can take home with you. You must visit the dentist to get impressions of your teeth. The dentist then makes a customized whitening tray for you to use at home with the solution. You can be comfortable at home during your treatments instead of making repeated trips to the dentist.

How At-home Teeth Whitening Works 

To whiten teeth at home, you must first meet with your dentist. This allows you to discuss the procedure and make sure it is a good option you. The dentist makes a mold of your teeth and prepares trays that fit your mouth perfectly. When you get standard trays at the store, they can be uncomfortable and cause uneven whitening.  

Your dentist sends you home with your trays and a whitening solution. You can relax with a book or television show while you apply the solution for a short time each day. Speak with your dentist about the length of treatment and make a follow up appointment to monitor progress. Once you have custom trays, you can use them each time you decide to do a whitening treatment. 

The Best In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedures

If you prefer supervision during your whitening procedures, you can opt for an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Woodshore Family Dentistry offers professional whitening treatments. Bleaching is the most common and affordable treatment to complete at the office. Your tolerance to this procedure depends on the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Your dentist may also use a laser to better activate the whitening solution. A material barrier protects the gums during the procedure, yet some people have some discomfort for a short time after they return home. 

Choosing a Whitening Treatment

Your teeth whitening dentist can help you choose a treatment. Discuss the different aspects of in-office and at-home procedures. You get professional results with each one. Some people simply prefer to get everything done during an office visit. If you need several treatments to get a whiter smile, you may do best with home whitening. Office visits can become numerous, running up large bill. If you only need one or two sessions, it may be affordable to get things done at the office. Talk to the office about financing, as most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures. 

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Choice for Me?

Talk to your teeth bleaching dentist during a routine exam. You can learn about the teeth whitening system recommended by your dentist. You can also look online to see what other patients have to say about teeth whitening results. Search for teeth whitening reviews online. A doctor in Cute, TX can help you understand how whitening products affect your teeth, as well. If you have severe discoloration or past cosmetic repairs, you may need more specialized treatment. Take time to research your options before committing to a treatment.

Understanding the Effects of Teeth Whitening

Whitening kits that you get at the dentist are usually more concentrated. If you hope for a whiter smile, you need to understand the effects of teeth whitening products. Make an appointment with Woodshore Family Dentistry to begin the process. It is important to talk to a dentist about whitening if you have fillings or have had your teeth bonded. Composite resin does not get whiter when you get a whitening treatment. A dentist needs to monitor the whitening process to make sure your teeth match the resin. 

Caring for my Teeth after a Whitening Procedure

When you get home after your teeth whitening treatment, you must be careful. You may have some sensitivity. Eat soft foods until you recover. Your white smile can last longer if you invest in whitening toothpastes and avoid foods that stain.


What is the best at-home teeth whitening treatment?

The best way to whiten teeth at home is to get a kit from your dentist. The products are more concentrated, and the custom trays fit best.

Where can I get the best teeth whitening services?

Talk to your dentist about whitening treatments. If your dentist does not specialize in cosmetic procedures, you can get a referral. You can also search online for specialists in your area.

How do I keep my teeth white?

You can help keep your teeth white after a whitening treatment by adjusting your diet and habits. Quit smoking, avoid foods that stain, and use a whitening toothpaste.

Why are my teeth so discolored?

Everyone has different genetics. Your teeth may not be naturally white. A whitening treatment can still improve the color, however. Individuals that drink a lot of coffee and tea may also have darker teeth. Lack brushing and flossing can also lead to discoloration.

How can I save money on my teeth whitening procedure?

You can avoid repeated trips to the dentist with a home whitening kit. The initial visit requires impressions of your teeth. You do the rest of the treatment at home. 

You do not have to settle for yellow or brown teeth. A reputable dentist can help you find a whitening procedure that works for you. You may like to whiten your teeth on a regular basis or just want to try it for a special event. A bright smile can help to improve your self-confidence and make you look more professional. Talk to a specialist at Woodshore Family Dentistry today.


Talk to your dentist about the different teeth whitening options. Take home teeth whitening is convenient and done under the supervision of your dentist. Your dentist can help you learn about different teeth whitening products. You can make an informed decision about which whitening treatment to use. A brighter smile can give you more confidence and looks great for special occasions. Many people like to get a whitening before prom, graduation, or a wedding. The type of treatment you choose may depend on the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Everyone has a different tolerance for the whitening products. Professional whitening is the best option for those that want noticeable results and more comfort. Talk to your dentist at your next exam to find out more about your options. The professionals at Woodshore Family Dentistry can help you decide.

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