Improve Quality of Life with Restorative Dentistry 

There are some dental problems that can lower your quality of life. Missing teeth and painful gums can make it difficult to eat. Severe misalignment can even affect your speech. Your dentist may recommend restorative dental procedures to bring your smile back to normal. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry are often the same thing. Restorative dentistry, however, maintains good oral health and help you function normally. You have cosmetic treatments for purely aesthetic purposes. A qualified dentist can help you come up with a restorative treatment plan. 

Consultation for Restorative Dentistry

It can take some time to prepare for your restorative treatment. After a full dental exam, your dentist should have a consultation with you about the treatment options. Together you can decide on things like dental implants or dentures. You may also need to complete dental health procedures before you can proceed. Your dentist may perform a good cleaning, a root canal, or a filling. This ensures that your mouth is in the best condition possible before you begin major restorative tactics. 

Minor Restorative Dental Services

Your dentist may begin your dental treatment with minor restorative services. Also referred to as basic restorative treatments, these are things like fillings, root canals, and extractions. If you have an injury, you may need an emergency tooth extraction near me. The dentist extracts severely damaged teeth to relieve you of pain or infection. A deep cleaning can also help you recover from gum disease. The dentist uses these minor procedures as the beginning of your restorative plan or cosmetic dental treatment. Once you heal and are free of infection, your dentist can begin to rebuild your smile. 

Benefits of Restorative Dental Care

Patients seek out restorative dental care when daily habits become uncomfortable. You may avoid favorite foods, take pain relieving medications daily, or have trouble pronouncing words. Your life can get back to normal with full and partial dentures, or dental implants. 

  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Speak clearly
  • Free from pain

Differences Between Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry?

Your dentist can help you determine if you need major dental procedures and can teach you about different types of dental restoration. If you are simply trying to perfect your smile, your procedure falls under the title of cosmetic dentistry. If you are getting implants or dentures to bring back normal function, you are having restorative services. 

Cosmetic surgery is not necessary; however, it can help with self-esteem issues. While doctors may not consider this a “need”, many individuals are much happier after the treatments. Dental cosmetics are available from many specialists. 

Your dentist may recommend restorative dentistry treatment if you truly cannot function properly. If your dental issues are causing poor dental health, the procedures are restorative. The treatments are the same but done for different reasons. This is an important distinction when you are dealing with dental insurance companies

Choosing a Cosmetic Dental Treatment

You may need several treatments to complete your dental restoration. You may need to start with one or two treatments and do a little at a time. The cost of dental cosmetics limits many patients. Your dentist can determine the most urgent treatment for your situation. Start with this one and you can do more as needed. If you need several dental implants, for example, you can just get one at a time. These are great for replacing missing teeth but take time to install and can cost up to $3,000 per tooth. 

Paying for Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic teeth surgery. Dental implants are very popular, making it a competitive industry for dentists. You can easily find affordable dental implants by checking with dental offices in your area. You may also consider partial dentures as a more affordable or temporary option.

Search for dental implants near me and find out about discounts. A doctor in Clute, Tx can help you plan the financial part of your procedure. You need to check on different options. Find out if any part of your procedure is restorative. Your insurance company may cover a procedure that is medically necessary. 

Self-pay patients need to find a dentist that offers new client discounts, payment arrangements, or self-pay discounts. Ask a few questions when you meet with the financial department.

  • Do you offer payment plans for oral cosmetic surgery?
  • What is the tooth extraction cost?
  • How much does a tooth implant cost?
  • How much do dentures cost?

It can take time to find an affordable dentist near me. Talk to a few different offices to get trending prices for the dental treatment you need. Woodshore Family Dentistry offers competitive rates on a variety of services. 

Find Cosmetic Surgery Near Me

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, talk to your dentist at your next checkup. You may be able to get a referral for a cosmetic dentistry near me. Your dentist, however, may offer the services you need. Most dental care professionals have experience with minor restorative and cosmetic procedures. You may need to have tooth extractions, a root canal, or a filling before you can move on to more complex cosmetic dental work. 


What is the best dental clinic in the United States?

It is better to look for the best dental clinic near you. Big cities often have medical centers with excellent specialists. Dental colleges also offer affordable services so their students can practice. If you need a dental specialist, ask your regular dentist for a referral. 

What are the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry?

You must adjust to new things in your mouth after getting implants or dentures. The cost can also be frustrating. It is a great feeling, however, to enjoy a variety of foods and show your beautiful smile. 

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your self-esteem. It can also make it easier to keep your teeth healthy. For example, properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss. 

What is the difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry?

The procedures are often the same. The distinction is mostly for insurance purposes. Cosmetic dentistry improves the way you look. Restorative dentistry improves your health.

Does insurance cover restorative dentistry?

Check with your insurance company to find out what they cover. Each policy is different. Companies may cover restorative dental work since it is necessary for health. They do not, however, cover treatments that are purely cosmetic. 

Restorative dentistry can help you feel normal again. After an injury or severe decay, you may have a hard time eating or talking. A reputable dentist can help you start the healing process and plan your restorative services. Sometimes you just want to change the way you look. Cosmetic procedures can help you achieve this goal. Make an appointment with Woodshore Family Dentistry for a smile evaluation.


If you have suffered an injury or severe decay, you may need some restorative procedures to get your teeth back in order. Restorative and cosmetic services are to replace missing teeth and improve the look of broken teeth. Minor restorative dental services include things like fillings, root canals, and extractions. Major restorative treatments include things like dental implants, dentures, and surgery. You may have trouble eating or talking before you have cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Your dentist recommends these treatments to help you improve your dental health. Cosmetic dental treatment is a common way to improve self-esteem. It is more difficult to pay for cosmetic procedures since they are not medically necessary. Your dental insurance, however, should pay for part of your restorative services. Your dentist just needs to verify that the treatments are necessary for your dental health. It can be helpful to check with your insurance company to find out more before you begin treatment. You can enjoy many of your normal activities again after restorative treatment. 

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