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Bone grafts are often necessary for dental implants if your bone structure isn’t strong enough to support the implants on their own. In this article, we discuss the dental bone grafting procedure.


Bone Grafting

Bone graft is a surgical procedure in which synthetic materials or bone from other people or animals are used to either supplement your bone structure or facilitate bone regeneration. Dental bone graft is basically a bone grafting procedure done to facilitate jaw bone growth if you don’t have sufficient bone structure already. The most common reason for this procedure is bone graft for dental implants, which is the most effective means of replacing your missing teeth. Please continue reading for a detailed discussion of bone graft surgery.


Bone Graft for Dental Implant

Dental implants are metallic or titanium frameworks or posts that are drilled into the jawbone under the empty socket of the missing tooth. Once the metal post is in place, your jawbone eventually grows around the post, making it a part of your body. Dental crowns or bridges are then attached over the frame, thereby providing the most effective replacement for missing teeth.

However, in order to get dental implants, you need to have sufficiency bone structure in place. This can be an issue because you start losing bone when you lose your teeth. In the absence of a tooth to support, bone stimulation and growth comes to a halt. You can lose as much as 25% of your bone from that region within a year. As such, if you wait a while after the tooth loss to get your dental implants, you may not even have the option to do so.

That’s where bone grafting comes in. During the dental bone graft procedure, the dentist will use grafts from other sources — another animal, another part of your body, another individual, or synthetic materials — and plant it in the affected region. The bone graft will stimulate bone regeneration in the area. Over time, your bone structure will build up naturally and you’ll be able to get dental implants. That’s why bone graft for dental implants is such a common procedure.


Who Needs Dental Implants Treatment?

Anyone can get dental implants, as long as they have sufficient bone structure for it. But, as previously discussed, bone grafting can make up for the lack of bone structure. You should consider dental implants treatment in the following situations:

  • If you’ve lost some of your teeth and you want to replace them.
  • If you want a permanent solution that’s aesthetically attractive and looks completely natural.
  • If you want artificial teeth that function just like real teeth and there’s no risk of them slipping out, like dentures.
  • If you want a completely convenient solution to replace your teeth.

Bone Graft Surgery — How is Bone Grafting Performed?

The dentist examines your teeth and oral health. They may also take x-rays and other screening tests to examine your jawbone. Based on this, they’ll discuss your options. You’ll have to decide — along with the dentist — which source you’d like to use for your bone graft. You can get bone grafts from animals like cows, other parts of your body, other people, or synthetic materials. The dentist will discuss the pros and cons of these options so you can decide.

It’s not possible to discuss the exact steps involved in the bone grafting procedure because they will differ based on several factors, including the location of bone graft, the type of bone graft, and various others. The dental bone graft’s primary and only purpose is to facilitate bone regeneration. Over time, as your body generates bone, it will replace the bone graft material. The dentist may also use collagen and other materials so that your bone regeneration occurs faster and your bone heals better.

You should ideally do bone grafting as soon as you lose your tooth or go through a dental extraction. This will ensure you don’t lose any bone structure and you’ll be able to get dental implants later. But if you’ve already lost bone structure, then the dental bone graft can help with regeneration, but you’ll have to wait for a few months before you can get the dental implants.

While it’s difficult to summarize all of the steps involved in the bone graft surgery, the following is a brief overview of the basic steps:

  • The dentist makes an incision on the gum tissues of the empty socket with the missing tooth.
  • The dentist plants the bone graft material in the desired location to aid in bone regeneration.
  • The incision is sutured up.

The entire bone graft surgery is done under anesthesia so you don’t feel anything. Your bone will heal over time and you’ll have to go for repeated dental sessions before you can get dental implants.


Advantages of Tooth Bone Graft

Dental bone graft can help you in the following ways:

  • Bone graft immediately after tooth extraction can prevent bone loss.
  • Bone graft after suffering bone loss can aid in bone regeneration.
  • Enables you to explore teeth replacements options like dental implants. This is the best teeth replacement option because it anchors your tooth so it becomes another part of your body.

Is it Possible to Regenerate Lost Bone in the Human Jaw?

It is completely possible to regenerate lost bone in the human jaw. Bone graft surgery uses bone supplements from external sources and plants them in the location with the insufficient jawbone so that your natural bone starts growing again. Eventually, your natural bone will replace the grafting material.

Will Gum Grafts Help Restore my Shrinking Jaw from Bone Loss?

Gum grafts can help restore your shrinking jaw from bone loss. When bone grafts are planted in your gums, they aid in bone growth and regeneration. This counters the effects of bone loss, allowing your jaws to grow out again.

Dental Bone Graft Cost

The cost of dental bone graft is really difficult to narrow down because it depends on various factors such as the location of bone graft, the amount of grafting material necessary, and especially the source of the bone graft material.

Synthetic bone graft is the cheapest, generally costing between $250 to $1100. Bone graft using the patient’s bone or another individual’s bone may cost between $2,000 and $3,000. This is simply the cost of the bone graft alone, you will also have to pay additionally for screening tests, anesthesia, and other related procedures.


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