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Are You Overbrushing Your Teeth?

March 6, 2024

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person brushing teeth

Maintaining a healthy smile involves simple steps you can take every day. Eating nutritious foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and dairy provides essential nutrients for your teeth. Regular dental check-ups every six months help catch and treat oral health issues early. Additionally, brushing and flossing your teeth at home helps prevent cavities and gum disease. However, brushing too hard can actually damage your teeth and gums. Keep reading to discover the dangers of overbrushing and how to spot if you’re doing it.


Adulting with Fluoride: Can It Be Used in Adult Dental Care?

January 12, 2024

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Man smiling after fluoride treatments

You might be surprised to know that even though fluoride treatments are associated with kids, their benefits don’t age out. Many adult patients question whether fluoride treatments are still necessary or beneficial for their dental health. It’s a simple question, with an equally simple answer—Of course! Read on to learn what fluoride does, and how it can be great for patients of all ages who want cavity-free smiles.


4 Reasons to Switch to a Metal-Free Crown

November 16, 2023

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Illustration of a metal-free crown being placed

For a long time, dental crowns were primarily made out of metal. Nowadays, however, patients have more options to consider; many dentists offer metal-free crowns that are composed of lifelike materials such as ceramic. Do you currently have a metal crown? You may want to trade it in for a metal-free one in the near future; below are 4 reasons why this can be an excellent decision for your smile.


When Dental Disaster Strikes: What to Expect During an Emergency Dental Visit

September 13, 2023

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Man has tooth pain

You might be walking on a sunny afternoon and suddenly be hit with a throbbing toothache, or you may be shuffling around your living room one morning only to trip over the cat and fracture your tooth as you land face-first on the edge of the table. No one expects to suffer a dental emergency, but knowing what to do when it happens can spare you a lot of stress and discomfort. That said, your first step is visiting your emergency dentist! Here’s a general outline of what you can expect at an emergency dental appointment.


Treatment Spotlight: Are Teeth Altered in Veneer Application?

July 21, 2023

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A young woman preparing for a dental veneer treatment

Dental veneers were invented in 1928 by Charles Pincus, a dentist in California, as a means to temporarily change the appearance of an actor’s teeth for a movie. After their success, dentists around the country began perfecting them for everyday use for their patients, and the rest is history.

Veneers can hide multiple dental imperfections at once, making them a great treatment for people who would normally need multiple procedures to fix all the flaws in their teeth. But how do they work? Are there any side effects? Read on to learn all you need to know to see if a Hollywood smile is right for you.