Lumineers – Clute, TX

Transform Your Smile with Less Prep Time

Lumineers are perhaps the best way to completely transform your smile without altering your current teeth. Lumineers are extremely thin dental veneers that are shaped according to your needs and stuck over the surface of your teeth with an adhesive. This masks any deformities your teeth may have, be it discoloration, fractures, chips, or any others. If you have several cosmetic dental issues that you want to mask simultaneously, call us to learn how Lumineers in Clute may be your best option.

Why Choose Woodshore Family Dentistry for Lumineers?

  • Low-Prep Smile Transformations
  • Durable, Lifelike Dental Materials
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

What Are Dental Lumineers?

Three dental Lumineers in Clute on model of row of teeth

Lumineers are a type of advanced dental veneer. People often opt for veneers because they can simply be attached to your existing teeth, and they completely transform their appearance. But with traditional veneers, the dentist has to shave off some of the surface enamel to accommodate them, making them permanent. In fact, most cosmetic dentistry treatments require some alterations. If you get dental crowns, for example, the dentist will have to file your teeth down to an extremely small size so that the crowns can be placed over them.

With Lumineers, you can avoid all of that. Lumineers are extremely thin veneers that can simply be stuck over your existing teeth using a simple adhesive. The dentist doesn’t have to alter your existing teeth at all, which makes it completely non-invasive. You can even get the Lumineers removed whenever you want, making it a reversible procedure. Furthermore, it completely masks all deformities and projects the perfect dental appearance when you smile. Lumineers are also stain-resistant, so they don’t get discolored easily.

Does the Lumineers Dental Treatment Hurt?

Several Lumineers laying on table next to dental instruments

Lumineers are a completely non-invasive and painless procedure. There’s no dental modification necessary because the dentist doesn’t have to shave off any of your enamel or file your teeth down to size either. The Lumineers are simply attached to the front face of your teeth so there’s no discomfort and no need for anesthesia.

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

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Lumineers are extremely durable and stain-resistant and can last over 20 years if you take proper care of them. Caring for Lumineers is simple — you just have to follow your regular oral hygiene habits like brushing regularly, flossing between your teeth, rinsing your mouth to prevent bacterial infection, etc. It’s also possible to reverse the Lumineers process by simply removing them since your original teeth are left intact.

Who Should Get Lumineers?

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Lumineers are suitable for you under the following situations:

  • You have chipped or fractured teeth and you want to restore their perfect appearance.
  • You suffer from intrinsically discolored teeth and whitening solutions don’t work. In that case, the only way to have white teeth is to get stain-resistant Lumineers.
  • Lumineers can also cover up misaligned or crooked teeth without having to go through orthodontic procedures that can take years.
  • If you want to flash the perfect set of even teeth.
  • Get rid of all the gaps and spaces between your teeth.
  • If you want several cosmetic dentistry treatments without altering your original teeth, then Lumineers are the best option.

Lumineers Dental Treatment

Five Lumineers against black background

It’s extremely simple to get Lumineers — the procedure is completely non-invasive and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Most people can get an entire set of Lumineers in two short dental visits.

The following steps take you through the entire Lumineers dental treatment procedure:

  • During the first dental visit, the dentist will take precise impressions of your teeth to create the perfect set of Lumineers for your mouth. The dentist will record the current shade of your teeth and your desired shade. They will also create an impression of your teeth by asking you to bite into a mold, so they have your measurements and teeth arrangement. This will allow them to create a set of Lumineers that are perfect for your mouth.
  • During your second visit, the dentist will attach the prepared Lumineers over your existing teeth to ensure that they fit correctly. If there are some minor arrangements necessary, they’ll sculpt the Lumineers using specific tools, so they’re perfectly aligned.

Which is a Better Treatment for Me, Lumineers or Braces?

Braces are a form of orthodontics in which you have to wear metallic braces in your mouth that apply pressure to your teeth. Over an extended period, these braces move your teeth in the desired position due to the pressure. Braces can be uncomfortable, and the entire procedure may take between 2 to 3 years, but they will permanently align your teeth. However, they can only align your teeth and not remedy other issues.

Lumineers, in comparison, are simply attached to your existing teeth to completely transform their appearance. Your original teeth are not changed at all. But the Lumineers remedy all deformities such as misalignment, fractures, discoloration, and any others. The whole procedure concludes in two short dental visits.

As such, which procedure is better for you depends on your interests. If you want to simply align your original teeth permanently and you don’t mind waiting for a long time, then you can opt for traditional braces. But if you want to immediately transform your smile and get rid of all deformities, then Lumineers are ideal.

Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment

Once all of the plaque and tartar have been removed and your gums have been reattached to your teeth, the dental hygienist will put the finishing touches on the treatment. First, the dental hygienist will help brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and use abrasive toothpaste that will scrub the surface of your teeth perfectly. Next, the dental hygienist will floss your teeth and show you how to do it yourself as well. Next, you’ll have to rinse your mouth with a fluoride antibacterial mouthwash to get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth. And finally, the dental hygienist will apply a fluoride gel on your teeth and make you wear a mouthpiece so that the gel thoroughly settles into your teeth. This will ensure that your teeth remain bacteria-free for several months until your next appointment.

What are the Differences Between Lumineers and Veneers?

Veneers are pretty dense, which is why the dentist has to shave some of the surface enamel off your teeth. Because your original teeth are altered, this is also a permanent procedure, and you’ll always need to wear veneers.

Lumineers are extremely thin veneers measuring just 0.2 millimeters so the dentist can simply attach them over your original teeth without having to remove any of your enamel. Your original teeth remain intact behind the Lumineers so you can reverse the procedure and get them removed at any time.

Do Composite Veneers Look Natural?

Composite veneers are tooth-colored, and they look completely natural. They resemble the color and texture of your actual teeth.