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Dr. Pattni graduated from UT Houston’s School of Dentistry in 2013 where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He continued his education by completing a comprehensive two-year clinical orthodontic residency from the Academy of GP Orthodontics. He loves pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. He is dedicated to continuing education and keeping up with ever changing field of dentistry.

Gentle, patient and caring, he takes the time to provide you with the best care possible. He is also well regarded by his patients for his thoroughness. Rather than being rushed, you know that he is there to serve your needs. He believes in conservative, preventative dentistry, and his goal is to increase the longevity of his patient’s teeth.

Outside of professional activities, Dr. Pattni is a passionate soccer fan, enjoys golfing and CrossFit. Having lived in three continents, he comes from a diverse background and absolutely loves to travel!

Dr. Desai graduated from Houston’s very own dental school, The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston in 2013. He has an extensive amount of experience in surgical extractions, crown & bridges, Periodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. With his holistic approach to patient care, Dr. Desai has proven to be an approachable and compassionate dentist, all while providing high-quality, cost-effective, and ethical care to every patient. He continues to strive for excellence, taking Continuing Education courses concurrently with his practice of dentistry. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, friends, and is a very big supporter of the Houston Rockets, Astros and Texans. He proudly supports his alma mater, the University of Houston, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2008.

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Procedures at Woodshore Family Dentistry

At Woodshore Family Dentistry, we can provide you and your family with all of the latest dental procedures and treatments available. The following is an overview of our services.

General Dentistry

  • Preventative Dentistry: Treatments and procedures that aid in the prevention and diagnosis of dental issues and diseases. If there are any warning signs of dental issues, you can find out about them before they get serious.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Professional teeth cleaning, also known as dental deep cleaning, is a procedure in which we remove all of the accumulated plaque and tartar in your teeth and gums. We also rinse your mouth with a fluoride solution to prevent bacterial decay.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: We run several physical examinations, visual examinations, and screening tests to detect potential cancerous conditions and symptoms. If you have oral cancer, it’s best to detect it at the earliest when it’s easy to treat.
  • TMJ/TMD: The temporomandibular joint, which is responsible for controlling the jaw muscles and movements, can get easily damaged due to various factors like injuries or bruxism. We diagnose the root cause of the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and treat it with minimally invasive procedures.
  • Scaling & Root Planing: Both scaling and root planing are used in the treatment of gum disease. Scaling is a procedure in which we use a scalar device to remove the accumulated plaque and tartar from the deepest recesses of your mouth. During root planing, we smoothen the root surface and reattach it to the gums if you’re suffering from periodontitis.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: We are a pediatric dental clinic and we specialize in complications arising during the transition period between baby teeth and permanent teeth and other issues related to baby teeth. Our office is also designed in a kid-friendly environment. 
  • Bruxism/ Teeth Grinding: Bruxism is a condition in which you keep grinding your teeth unconsciously and it can severely damage your teeth because of the sustained clenching. Bruxism can be caused by physiological or psychological reasons — we diagnose the root cause and treat bruxism accordingly. We also provide mouth guards to protect your teeth from bruxism.

Restorative Dentistry

  • Dental Crowns: If your teeth are severely damaged or weakened, either due to dental decay, root canals, injuries, or any other reasons, you can get dental crowns. These are tooth-shaped porcelain or ceramic caps that are attached over your existing teeth to completely transform their appearance and protect them.
  • Dental Bridges: If you have missing teeth, you can get dental bridges to replace them. These are fake teeth that have to be connected to a dental crown or dental implant on either side of the missing teeth. 
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are the best possible replacements for missing teeth. During the procedure, we plant a metallic framework or post into the jawbone of the missing tooth. The post soon gets rooted to your jaw as the bone grows around it. Once that’s done, the dentist can attach the replacement tooth over the implant. 
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: Tooth-colored fillings are porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin materials that are used to fill up the cavity in your teeth caused by a bacterial infection.
  • Root Canals: This is a last-resort procedure to save your teeth if the bacterial infection has spread into your pulp chamber. The dentist removes all of the infected pulp and nerves and cleans the cavity to prevent the infection from spreading. 
  • Dentures & Partials: Partial removable dentures are appliances that you wear in your mouth to replace your missing teeth. They are essentially fake teeth connected to a pink or gum-colored plastic base so they give the appearance of your actual teeth. 
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease is an issue caused by a bacterial infection in your teeth or gums. It’s caused due to the sustained accumulation of plaque and tartar in your mouth, which leads to bacterial growth. It can lead to bone loss and tooth loss if not treated in time. We treat gum disease with a simple scaling and root planing procedure.
  • Bone Grafting: Dental bone grafting is a procedure in which we use grafting material from external sources and plant them within your gum tissues if you’re suffering from insufficient bone growth in a specific area. Bone graft encourages bone regeneration, which allows you to get dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Orthodontics: Orthodontics refers to procedures like metal braces and clear aligners, i.e., devices that you wear on your teeth to help align your teeth perfectly. The appliances place pressure on your teeth to gradually move them in the correct direction.
  • Teeth Whitening: During this procedure, the dentist applies a whitening gel on your teeth and uses a special light to catalyze it and bleach the surface enamel of your teeth, getting rid of all surface stains.
  • Zoom In Office: Zoom in office is an advanced form of teeth whitening procedure in which the dentist uses a special zoom gel and zoom light that brightens your enamel and dentin.
  • At-Home Whitening: We also provide at-home whitening solutions in the form of whitening gel and whitening trays that you can wear on your mouth regularly to bleach your teeth. This, however, isn’t as effective as professional dentist teeth whitening.
  • Dental Veneers: These are thin pieces of tooth-colored materials like porcelain or composite resin that are attached over your existing teeth. Some of the enamel from your existing teeth has to be shaved off to accommodate the veneers. They can completely transform your smile.
  • Gingivectomy: This is a procedure in which our dentist surgically removes some of the excess gum tissues from your mouth. This may be done either to prevent periodontitis from spreading or for aesthetic purposes.
  • Lumineers: These are slim 2-millimeter veneers that are attached to the surface of your teeth without having to change your tooth’s original structure.


  • Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration: If you’ve lost gum tissues and bone structure because of periodontitis, we can use the guided tissue bone regeneration procedure to facilitate the regeneration of gum tissues and bone.
  • Osseous Surgery: This procedure is used to prevent periodontitis from spreading if it has already infected your bones. The dentist has to surgically remove the infected bone and smoothen the remaining bone to treat the infection. 
  • Occlusal (Bite) Adjustment: This refers to a wide range of treatments like orthodontics, splints, dental bite adjustment, and mouth reconstruction, all done with the intent to treat your malocclusion. This ensures that all of your teeth are perfectly aligned.
  • Ridge Preservation: This procedure is generally conducted after a tooth extraction procedure to protect the empty socket and prevent bone loss from the alveolar ridge. Ridge preservation allows you to later get dental implants without complications.

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At Woodshore Family Dentistry, we truly care about our patients – that is why we use top of the line technology. We have recently installed an ICAT machine which is a special type of x-ray machine that produces 3D images of your teeth and bone in a single scan.

It’s time to book your dental appointment with us here at Woodshore Family Dentistry in Clute, Texas! We can’t wait to meet you.


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